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túra tárlatvezetés Pompeii  екскурзии на Помпей  вођене туре Помпеји  visites guiades a Pompeia  prohlídky Pompejí  vodstva od Pompeja  guidede ture i Pompeji  opastettuja Pompeijin  des visites guidées de Pompéi  მართვადი ტურები pompeii  ポンペイのガイド付きツアー  turais threoraithe Pompeii  leiðsögn um Pompei тури на Помпеја guidede turer pompei rondleidingen

شهر پمپی راهنما van Pompeii  zwiedzanie Pompei ทัวร์เมืองปอมเปอี visitas guiadas de Pompéia  tururi ghidate ale orașului Pompei  Экскурсии Помпеи  prehliadky Pompejí vodene oglede Pompejev   visitas guiadas a Pompeya  guidade turer i Pompeji  Führungen von Pompeji  Pompei'nin rehberli turlar  Екскурсії Помпеї  tárlatvezetés Pompei  폼페이 투어

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In the Vatican Museums you will find the Sistine Chapel, one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world.

The Museums hold many priceless works of art including the "Raphael Rooms" and many galleries of sculpture, tapestries and frescos. The church of S. Peter's Basilica is built on Vatican Hill, across the Tiber river from the historic center of Rome. This was the site where Saint Peter, the chief apostle, died as a martyr and where he was buried in 64 AD. St. Peter is considered the first Pope, so this church is considered the most important for all Christianity and it is full of historical treasures, where artists like Michelangelo and Bernini worked.

** Restrictions for Vatican and DRESS CODE **

Only small backpacks or handbags

Dress Code: For men, women and kids equally: knees and shoulders must be covered, so NO SHORTS (Bermuda and Capri trousers are ok)

Please wear something to cover your shoulders

Closing days 2017

Sunday (except the last Sunday of every month, free entrance from 9 am to 12. 30 pm; the Museums close at 2 pm unless it coincides with Easter Sunday, the 29th of June (St. Peter and Paul), 25th and 26th of December (Christmas and St. Stephen)

January 6; February 11; April 17; May 1; June 29 (St. Peter and Paul); August 15, 16; November 1; December 8, 25, 26

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What’s included: 3 hours guidance and assistance; skip the line tickets.

What’s extra: Meals; Transportation (it can be arranged on request)

Tour Price: 200 EUR plus

maximum group size 10 people



25 EUR per person

DURATION: 3 hours

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian


MEETINGLOCATION: Cafè Vaticano in Viale Vaticano


- Courtyard of Pigna; Courtyard Ottagono; Pio Clementino Museum

- Gallery of Animals; Gallery of Muses; Gallery Rotonda

- Egyptian Museum; Candelabra Museum; Tapestry Museum

- Gallery of the Maps

- Rooms of Raffaello

- Sistine Chapel

- St. Peter's Basilica with St. Peter's square

PREPAY NOW the tour: make a reservation by paying the full price of the tour.

PAY A DEPOSIT: make a reservation by paying a prior deposit; the balance must be paid in cash the day of the tour.




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