My name is Emiliano Tufano

I am an archaeologist and tour guide. 

I specialize in archaeological and cultural tours in Campania.

When I was ten years old I found a chunk of painted pottery on a small plot of land belonging to my family, which is located near to the ancient Greek city of Paestum. For the whole of that day I clutched it in my hands, holding it tightly to guard and protect it, and so that nobody would take it from me. I can clearly remember that it was decorated with a black figured scene of a Satyr driving a biga (a Carriage). I'll never forget the overwhelming feeling I had when I realized it was a genuine antique object, that in my tender young hands I was cradling a piece of history. Immediately I started asking myself many questions about the people who had occupied that area over the centuries and, particularly, about the skilled artisan who had made such a breathtakingly beautiful piece of work. From that moment on, I started collecting all sorts of pots and stones, whatever I could find while I wandered through this countryside which held so many stories. Initially, I divided my finds simply on the basis of their shape and colour. These were the first steps of me becoming an archaeologist.

At school, history was my favourite subject; and so the decision regarding which degree course to choose was an easy one, Archaeology, of course. Today, archaeology is my profession and my passion. Throughout the years, I have developed skills in fieldwork and academic research. Across Italy, I have participated as a field director in numerous excavation projects of fundamental importance. Besides this, I have also been engaged in significant academic research projects in Sicily, Tunisia and Libya. These days, I am thrilled to be fulfilling my ambition of completing a PhD project about Sicilian Prehistory.

However, my interests reach beyond history. I have a strong creative side which I express through photography as well as in the articles I write for a newspaper in my local area. In addition, to keep fit and healthy, I play football regularly, I go diving whenever I have the time and opportunity, and like many of you reading this, I love travelling and learning about other cultures while trying to pick up a word of two of their languages. 

In 2010 I qualified to work as a tour guide of the Campania Region, and today I offer guided tours in Italian, English and Spanish. 

My job is everything to me - I live it with passion, enthusiasm, energy and, above all, professionalism.

With me you can visit the wonders of Campania: the Vesuvian archaeological sites of Pompeii, Herculaneum and other sites of outstanding natural beauty, such as the historic centres of Naples, Caserta and Salerno, the Amalfi Coast and Sorrento Coast, including all the major churches and museums. Through exclusive and tailor-made tours, designed to meet your needs and wishes, you will receive quality service and cultural enrichment."

My name is Felicia D'Amora

I’m a restorer, art historian and tour guide.

I have a degree in the History of Art from the University Suor Orsola Benincasa in Naples where I wrote my final dissertation on the History of Restoration with particular reference to the defence system of the Sorrento coast from Roman times to the Unification of Italy. This dissertation, entitled "Le torri vicereali di Massalubrense sul versante napoletano. Storia, conservazione e restauro"  was published by the publishing company Esselibri in a book dedicated to the history of the coastal towers. 

During my studies, I specialized in the restoration of paintings on canvas and tableaux at the Institute "M. Visconti" in Naples, and attended training courses on Excavation Principles and Methods, Restoration Diagnosis, and the Conservation of Ceramics at M.I.C. Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche in Faenza

Furthermore, I have attended a seminar on "Contemporary Art, Management and Settings” at the Ara Pacis in Rome.

I designed, organised and managed the exhibition “The Art of Tanning” during the restoration of the officina coriarorum (ancient Roman tannery) in Pompeii, in collaboration with the town's library “Renato Serra” in Solofra.


I have worked for many years in restoration laboratories in Naples, Sorrento, Cava dei Tirreni and Pompeii.  

My area of expertise is the restoration of the pictorial film into paintings on canvas, wood and statues.

At present, I have the good fortune to be also involved in the tourist industry, organizing and designing itineraries and specially guided tours. I derive a huge amount of pleasure from sharing my knowledge and experience with people from a diverse range of cultural, professional and academic backgrounds.

In 2014 I qualified to work as a tour guide of the Campania Region delivering guides in both Italian and English.

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My name is Chiara Comegna.

I am an archaeobotanist.

Since I was a child I have always been attracted by the interaction between humans and natural environment and especially by the changes that influenced their evolution. I spent my childhood in a small town of Calabria, where there is a cave in which archaeologist found several prehistoric remains, I used to spend many afternoons watching the landscape near the cave, trying to think how prehistoric people was living there and about the resources that they could have. For this reason I early decided to study archeology and to join the study of humanities with a purely scientific subject like botany. My studies dealt with landscape in pre-protohistoric and pre-classical archaeological sites in Mediterranean area.

I participated in several archaeological surveys both in Italy and abroad (Crete) and now I am working in a Laboratory of Archaeobotany at the University of Naples. One purpose of mine, is to spread knowledge about this field: anthropic environment. 

Currently, I am also member of a “Living-History” group of Lombard period, especially I am focused in Lombard cuisine, so I can explain to people what kind of meal and food was possible to find in those period.

Since 2011, I became a tourist guide of Campania region and I try with passion to disclose all aspects of environment, historical and archaeological features of my region.

My name is Giancarlo Rabaccini.

I’m an archeologist and a licensed guide of the Campania Region

I’m from Naples, a wonderful coastal city placed between two volcanic areas, the “Vesuvian Area” and the so-called “Burning Fields”.

It’s an ancient city: it was founded by Greeks in the seventh century BC. It has always been inhabited up to today so now its historical centre is one of the largest in Europe.

I have completed a Degree in Cultural Heritage, a Master's Degree in Classical Archaeology and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Archeological Heritage.

I’ve been working as an archaeologist for over ten years in Southern Italy: Rome, Naples, Pompeii, Avellino, Taranto, Montesannace, Egnazia.

I’ve been a licensed guide of the Campania Region since 2009.

I'm an expert in the fields of art-history and archaeology and for those who want to discover, appreciate and understand the spectacular richness of the Campania Region I am here to help.

Together we’ll be able to visit ancient Greek and Roman ruins, churches and noble palaces, built throughout the centuries, and which embody aspects of the medieval, the renaissance and baroque art. 

Together we’ll be able to organize specific tours to discover wonderful landscapes and the authentic pleasures of local wine and food. 

My name is  Sergio Pisco.

I graduated in Art History in 2010 and I obtained the licence to work as a tour guide of the Campania Region 2011. I live in Pagani, in the area of the river Sarno Valley, at the foot of Mount Albino, not far from the Amalfi Coast.

After high school in my home town, I successfully completed a Bachelor's degree in History of the city of Naples.

Since I was a child I‘ve always taken a great delight in history, visual arts and I've enjoyed drawing pencil portraits. I am keen on travelling, I love photography and I like to create Photo art.

However, my greatest passion is music: I listen to many genres of music, from classical to rock-blues and jazz. Furthermore I like to sing and I've been playing piano and keyboard for several years. 

I'm an easygoing person with a sunny disposition. It will be a great pleasure for me to offer my skills in the archaeological and art-historical sites for anyone who wants to investigate and explore the amazing richness of the Campania Region.

I’m looking forward to meeting you!

Hello everyone, my name’s Paolo Gardelli.

I’m an archaeologist and a licensed tour guide.

I was born in Forlì, a small picturesque town located in northern Italy not far from Bologna. And it was there, in my childhood, where I took my first steps in the world of archeology, going with my friends in search of fossils and other ancient objects.

I graduated at the University of Bologna obtaining a degree in Cultural Heritage  and I completed  the postgraduate school in Classical Archaeology at the University of Padova.

To follow my passion and my job I have lived in several cities in Italy and Greece. Since 2009 I have enjoyed living and working in Castellammare di Stabia, a quaint maritime town near Pompei where you could say I “landed” and have remained ever since. On the site of Stabiae, famous mainly for its Roman seaside villas, I’m lucky enough to be responsible for directing and coordinating excavations and restoration projects, teaming up with archaeologists and restorers from all over the world.

I have also been a licensed tour guide of the Campania Region since 2014, so when I'm not involved with excavation work, I love to share my time and my knowledge with students, art lovers and tourists showing them the archaeological and artistic treasures of this enchanting corner of Italy.

What else can I say? ... I ‘m waiting for you here to spend some unforgettable days together!

Antonio Mosca 

Hi, I'm Antonio, I was born and raised in Pompeii. I love history and archaeology and also the traditions and the food of my amazing area. Since 2014 I’ve been a professional licensed tour guide but I've always been a lover of scooters, so combining my qualification and my passion I became a specialist of Vespa tours.

I’m looking forward to showing you the secrets of Naples, Amalfi Coast and its surroundings.

Believe me, Vespa tours are certainly the best way to discover places!

For info:

My name is Anna Sorrento.

I am an archaeologist and a tour guide of Campania Region.

I am from Naples, an ancient and beautiful city founded by Greeks; I have a degree in Archeology from the University of Naples “Orientale”, where my final dissertation in Prehistory was a study about how the dead were buried during The Copper Age in Southern Italy.

I have an abundance of experience working as an archaeologist in Cuma and Pompei, and have studied archaeological materials in the museums of Paestum and Santa Maria Capua Vetere.

Since 2015, I have been a professional licensed tour guide in both Italian and English.

Together we will visit the stunningly beautiful places the Campania Region has to offer its visitors, and we'll try to understand the way of life of the ancient Greeks and Romans, whilst not forgetting the past before them: the Prehistory.

Later we will see the architectural evolution during different periods: the Middle Ages, The Renaissance, The Baroque and the Art Nouvau.

So, what are you waiting for? Come and visit the Campania Region!

Claudia Marotta

I am an Art Historian, postgraduate at the University "La Sapienza" of Rome. I also did a master degree in conservation and restoration at the University Gregoriana in Rome of the Jesuit fathers. After winning the open competitive exam I became a licensed guide of Rome and of the Vatican Museums in 2001. I have spent some time abroad to improve my language skills.

I love both modern and ancient Art and Archaeology so for me it is not tiring to learn new things that I can later share with travelers.

I am in love with my city and the characteristic alleys where I wander to explore and find secret corners where I also bring the travelers that come here to visit Rome and the Vatican.

My favorite places are Saint Angelo's Castle, where you can feel a marvelous medieval atmosphere and the Pantheon, the monument symbol of the Imperial Rome.

I like to tour with families with kids and small groups, but don't worry, I am able to fit a larger group too, so feel free to contact me for a customized tour that can meet all your requests and desires!

I enjoy art in all its form, like theatre and ballet, which I practice during my free time.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for any information you may need on my Eternal City!

























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