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túra tárlatvezetés Pompeii  екскурзии на Помпей  вођене туре Помпеји  visites guiades a Pompeia  prohlídky Pompejí  vodstva od Pompeja  guidede ture i Pompeji  opastettuja Pompeijin  des visites guidées de Pompéi  მართვადი ტურები pompeii  ポンペイのガイド付きツアー  turais threoraithe Pompeii  leiðsögn um Pompei тури на Помпеја guidede turer pompei rondleidingen

شهر پمپی راهنما van Pompeii  zwiedzanie Pompei ทัวร์เมืองปอมเปอี visitas guiadas de Pompéia  tururi ghidate ale orașului Pompei  Экскурсии Помпеи  prehliadky Pompejí vodene oglede Pompejev   visitas guiadas a Pompeya  guidade turer i Pompeji  Führungen von Pompeji  Pompei'nin rehberli turlar  Екскурсії Помпеї  tárlatvezetés Pompei  폼페이 투어

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кіраўніцтва Пампеі - Помпей - guies Pompeia - příruček Pompeje - 指南庞贝 - 指南龐貝 - 가이드 폼페이 (Pompeii) - vodiči Pompeji - guider Pompeji - juhendid Pompei - gabay Pompeii - oppaita Pompeii - guides Pompéi - guías de Pompeia - canllawiau Pompeii - გიდები Pompeii - ガイドポンペイ- गाइड Pompeii - panduan Pompeii - handbækur Pompeii - ceļveži Pompejas - vadovai Pompeii - водичи Помпеја - gwidi Pompeii - guider Pompeii - gidsen Pompeii - راهنمای گر شهر پمپی Prowadnice Pompeii guias de Pompéia ghiduri Pompei Руководства Помпеи

водичи Помпеја príručiek Pompeje Vodila Pompeji guías Pompeya Guider Pompeji ปอมเปอีแนะนำ Führungen Pompeji kılavuzları Pompeii керівництва Помпеї útmutatók Pompeii


Spend a day sampling the mystique of Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius and an area of outstanding natural beauty

This tour is a must for those who are keen to know more about Pompeii and the volcano which caused its burial and ultimately gave the town its unrequested notoriety.

The thriving Roman city met its fate in 79AD when Mount Vesuvius erupted. The ash from Mt. Vesuvius buried the entire town along with many of its inhabitants.

Pompeii today is a site unlike any other in Italy, it is a complete ancient city that you can explore just as if you were walking through it 2,000 years ago.

The tour starts with two-hour guided tour of Pompeii.

Our lunch break is in a typical Italian restaurant where we'll sample some excellent local wine and traditional dishes.

After the lunch break, the driver will take you to Mount Vesuvius where a local guide, included in the cost of the ticket, will accompany you. Our guides are not only all experienced and extremely knowledgeable, but they are also fun, friendly and attentive to your needs. They'll even take you to a secret spot where you'll be able to enjoy a stunning and unparalleled view of the Bay of Naples from a vantage point very few people have access to.

- Highlights Pompeii: Marina Gate, Basilica (court house), Forum (the main square), Municipal buildings (curia), the meat and fish market (Macellum), Thermal baths, Termopolium Capuano, House of the Tragic Poet, Bakery, plaster casts, Temples of Juppiter, Apollo and Venere, the Lupanar (brothel), Fountains and lead pipes.

  1. -Highlights Mount Vesuvius: A volcano is an extraordinary natural phenomenon, one this is creative and destructive, and always captivating. We'll go up to the rim of the crater and peer down into its font. Don't be surprised to see that it still 'fumes' slightly and just a little menacingly. At this altitude, you'll marvel at the stunning panoramic views of the Bay of Naples, Capri, Ischia, the edge of the Sorrento coast and much more. 

  The last 500m is a steep uphill walk so sturdy shoes are strongly advised

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What’s included: 2 hours personal guide in Pompeii, half hour guidance on the Crater of Vesuvius with a volcanological guide; The full day transportation with a modern Mercedes Minivan and professional driver who will meet you at the cruises terminal or hotel lobby holding a sign with your name on the top; All taxes, gas and parking expenses*

What’s extra: Meals; Entrance tickets: Pompeii 13 euros; Vesuvius 10 euros.

Tour Price up to 4 people

860 EUR with guidance

Tour Price 5 to 8 people

990 EUR with guidance

We can customize tours for larger groups upon request

DURATION: 8 hours

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Portuguese


MEET UP/END LOCATION: the Port of Rome, or at your accommodation in Rome


- Pick up at the port or at hotel/accommodation in Rome

- 2 hours guided tour of Pompeii

- Lunch stop at a typical restaurant or winery

  1. -Tour to the crater of the Mt. Vesuvius

  2. -Drop off at the port or at hotel/accommodation in Rome


As for many this is a once in a lifetime adventure, we strongly advise you to make the most of your experience and employ the services of one of our expert local guides; 

Our guides will help you to uncover some little known gems within the site of Pompeii that you wouldn't otherwise know about, and they'll share stories and nuggets of history about all the buildings to give more depth to your experience.  Also, they'll be with you throughout your time at the volcano, giving you insights into the events of the tragic eruption in 79AD.

In this way you will truly have an exciting journey of discovery.

However, should you wish, you have a range of options:

You could book the car with a driver and a private guide for the full day, or you could have the car with driver along with a guide for a two-hour guided tour of Pompeii, alternatively you can book just the car with driver.

We’ll give you an excellent English speaking driver who will stop at the panoramic spots as and when you wish. If you book just the driver without guide, he will be able to provide you with some fundamental information about Pompeii and the volcano but no detailed descriptions, and you will walk through the town and up to the crater of Vesuvius on your own.The driver will leave you in a car park next to the ticket office, from there you can you’ll reach the crater in about 25 minutes along a steep uphill path.

Private tour means that you will not join a group but you’ll have a guide and a driver only for you.

It is the best way of visiting our region. No lines, no large group.

These are the reasons why our clients love us.

PREPAY NOW the tour, make a reservation by paying the full price of the tour.

PAY A DEPOSIT, make a reservation by paying a prior deposit; the balance must be paid in cash the day of the tour.




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