VespAround invites you to enjoy the uniquely exciting experience of riding round the bay of Naples

Who doesn't love the open road and the wind in their hair? Who doesn't fancy the thrill of a road trip on two wheels?

As experts in our field, we're here to help you.

Offering high quality equipment, support and a variety of tour options, we can give you the ride of a lifetime. You'll still have the expertise and all the other qualities our tour guides bring, but in this way, you'll be getting from one site to another on a beautiful vespa, and perhaps some flies in your teeth as you smile from ear to ear!

PompeiI - Sorrento
Sorrento    amalfi
PompeIi - vesuviUS

We organize guided tours for singles, couples, cruisers and little groups on modern or vintage vespas!

Our expert riders (one for each customer) will pick you up by vespa at your hotel, accommodation, or any other agreed meeting place. You’ll sit behind the riders and they’ll take you around for the duration of the tour. One of the riders is a licensed and experienced tour guide and he’ll give you explanations and fascinating insights about the monuments and sites that you will see along the route. 

At the end of the day you will be dropped of at the starting point.

We only allow our customers to ride the vespas alone if they declare they are able to ride a scooter and they possess a driving license for motorbikes.




HALF DAY TOUR (3,5 HOURS) = 170 € per person*

FULL DAY TOUR (7 HOURS) = 250 € per person*

*For the 2 hours walking tours in Pompeii there’s an extra cost of 90euros 

(to be shared among the participants).

Antonio Mosca

Our rider, tour guide, and expert on local history, he will take you around to discover the secrets of Naples and the surrounding area.

For info:

túra tárlatvezetés Pompeii  екскурзии на Помпей  вођене туре Помпеји  visites guiades a Pompeia  prohlídky Pompejí  vodstva od Pompeja  guidede ture i Pompeji  opastettuja Pompeijin  des visites guidées de Pompéi  მართვადი ტურები pompeii  ポンペイのガイド付きツアー  turais threoraithe Pompeii  leiðsögn um Pompei тури на Помпеја guidede turer pompei rondleidingen

شهر پمپی راهنما van Pompeii  zwiedzanie Pompei ทัวร์เมืองปอมเปอี visitas guiadas de Pompéia  tururi ghidate ale orașului Pompei  Экскурсии Помпеи  prehliadky Pompejí vodene oglede Pompejev   visitas guiadas a Pompeya  guidade turer i Pompeji  Führungen von Pompeji  Pompei'nin rehberli turlar  Екскурсії Помпеї  tárlatvezetés Pompei  폼페이 투어

udhëzues Pompei - Кіраўніцтва Пампеі - употреба Помпей - guia de Pompeia - Průvodce Pompeje - vodič Pompeji - aktiviteter i Pompeji - juhend Pompei - Guide de Pompéi - treoir Pompeii - fylgja Pompeii - водич Помпеја - gids pompeii - Podręcznik pompeii - guia de Pompéia - Ghidul Pompei - Руководство Помпеи- водич Помпеја - Sprievodca Pompeje - vodnik Pompeji - guía de Pompeya - Guide Pompeii - kılavuz pompeii - Керівництво Помпеї - útikönyv Pompeii - ガイドポンペイ - გიდის pompeii - 가이드 폼페이 (Pompeii) شهر پمپی تور

кіраўніцтва Пампеі - Помпей - guies Pompeia - příruček Pompeje - 指南庞贝 - 指南龐貝 - 가이드 폼페이 (Pompeii) - vodiči Pompeji - guider Pompeji - juhendid Pompei - gabay Pompeii - oppaita Pompeii - guides Pompéi - guías de Pompeia - canllawiau Pompeii - გიდები Pompeii - ガイドポンペイ- गाइड Pompeii - panduan Pompeii - handbækur Pompeii - ceļveži Pompejas - vadovai Pompeii - водичи Помпеја - gwidi Pompeii - guider Pompeii - gidsen Pompeii - راهنمای گر شهر پمپی Prowadnice Pompeii guias de Pompéia ghiduri Pompei Руководства Помпеи

водичи Помпеја príručiek Pompeje Vodila Pompeji guías Pompeya Guider Pompeji ปอมเปอีแนะนำ Führungen Pompeji kılavuzları Pompeii керівництва Помпеї útmutatók Pompeii

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PAY A DEPOSIT, make a reservation paying a prior deposit  (50 euros per person); the balance must be paid in cash the day of the tour.

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On July 25th Emiliano hosted the whole equipe of the famous Australian star Anh Do.

They went together touring by vespa all along the Amalfi coast.

Anh Do wants this tour to become part of  his show ”Anh Does Italy” . It will be soon broadcast in Australia on Channel 7